General terms and conditions

Btravel d.o.o. undertakes to protect personal data of all customers by exclusively collecting only necessary, basic information on customers/users needed for the fulfilment of its obligations, inform the customers on the manner of use of collected data and regularly provide the customers with the option of choosing how their data will be used, including the choice whether they want or do not want to have their name removed from mailing lists used in marketing campaigns.

All customer data will be held in highest confidence and will be made accessible only to employees who require access to said data for the fulfilment of their work duties.

All employees of Btravel d.o.o. and business partners undertake to respect principles of protection of privacy.

Entry and transmission of personal data and credit card information is protected by the highest security standards provided by the WSpay™ on-line credit card authorisation system, in accordance with requirements set by credit card companies and brands and the PCI DSS standard.

Credit card authorisation and payment is performed using the  WSpay™ real time card authorisation and payment system.


The following cards are accepted for online payments: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners or Maestro.

After we receive your inquiry, we will send you a proforma invoice with payment details. Fill in the payment form with the correct invoice number, the payment amount and your personal information, and then follow the online payment instructions.

Cards accepted

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