5th International Chronic GvHD Symposium
Zagreb, Croatia, April 15-16th 2021
Virtual congress


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Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 5th International Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease Symposium that will be organized in Zagreb, Croatia, from April 15-16th, 2021. Depending on COVID-19 epidemiology situation, the symposium will be organized mostly or completely as a virtual meeting.

Approximately 50% of transplanted patients will develop chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGvHD) which can last for many years causing severe medical, social and quality of life problems. However, more than ever before, the tools are at our hands to address cGvHD conclusively and improve outcomes of patients after alloHSCT. Such progress in a relatively rare and complex disease can be achieved only by the assertive interdisciplinary and multicenter international collaboration.

This 5th International cGvHD Symposium in Zagreb brings together prominent experts in the field of cGvHD from Europe, United States of America, and Canada. Symposium will be divided in several sections: 1) Highlights from the newest 2020 NIH cGvHD consensus project, 2) Chronic GvHD progress review 3) Interactive cases for Hematology Residents and young Hematologists, and 4) Future projects proposals.

The goal of the meeting is to disseminate the most current knowledge regarding cGvHD, and to provide a venue for networking and establishing contacts for our future collaborations in addressing cGvHD. This event is expected to create a critical mass of investigators and colleagues who will carry this field in the near future. It is dedicated to physicians and scientists who are engaged in management, research, and advancing care of alloHSCT patients.

It is with delight that we invite you to attend and be part of this unique advanced continuing education experience.

With warm regards,


Dražen Pulanić (Zagreb, Croatia)

Steven Z. Pavletic (Bethesda, MD, USA)

Daniel Wolff (Regensburg, Germany)

Kirk Schultz (Vancouver, Canada)

Radovan Vrhovac (Zagreb, Croatia)



Croatian Cooperative Group for Hematological Diseases KROHEM



Dražen Pulanić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Steven Z. Pavletic (Bethesda, MD, USA)
Daniel Wolff (Regensburg, Germany)
Kirk Schultz (Vancouver, Canada)
Radovan Vrhovac (Zagreb, Croatia)




THURSDAY, April 15th, 2021

Drazen Pulanić (Croatia), Steven Z. Pavletić (USA), Daniel Wolff (Germany), Kirk Schultz (Canada), Radovan Vrhovac (Croatia)

17:10-17:20  Steven Z. Pavletić (USA): Rationale for 3rd 2020 NIH cGvHD consensus

17:20-20:00 PART I: Highlights from the newest 2020 NIH cGvHD consensus project
Chairs: S.Z. Pavletić (USA), D. Wolff (Germany), K. Schultz (Canada)

17:20-18:00 Working Group 1: Etiology and Prevention of cGvHD (moderators K. Schultz (Canada), R. Serventi Seiwerth (Croatia))

17:20-17:35  K. Williams (USA): Etiology of cGvHD
17:35-17:50  S. Sarantopoulos (USA): Prevention of cGvHD
17:50-18:00  Discussion

18:00-18:40 Working Group 2: Diagnosis and Pre-emptive treatment of cGvHD (moderators A. Lawitschka (Austria), L. Desnica (Croatia))

18:00-18:15  H. Schoemans (Belgium): Early diagnosis of cGvHD
18:15-18:30  F. Ayuk (Germany): Pre-emptive treatment of cGvHD
18:30-18:40  Discussion

Coffee break 18:40-18:50

18:50-19:30 Working Group 3: Treatment of Established cGvHD (moderators J. Halter (Switzerland), D. Pulanić (Croatia))

18:50-19:05  H. Greinix (Austria): Upfront therapy of cGVHD – current and future options
19:05-19:20  A. Olivieri (Italy): Salvage therapy of cGVHD – current and future options
19:20-19:30  Discussion

19:30-20:30 Working Group 4: Highly morbid forms of cGvHD (moderators R. Zeiser (Germany), R. Vrhovac (Croatia))

19:30-19:40: D. Wolff (Germany): Eye, GI, and autoimmune manifestations in cGvHD
19:40-19:50: A. Rambi G. Cardones (USA): Skin cGVHD
19:50-20:00  A. Bergeron (France): Lung cGvHD
20:00-20:10  O. Penack (Germany): Endothelial dysfunction in cGvHD
20:10-20:20  E. Bilić (Croatia): CNS/peripheral neuropathy in cGvHD
20:20-20:30  Discussion


FRIDAY, April 16th, 2021


Mallinckrodt 45 min (gold sponsor)
MSD 45 (gold sponsor)
Takeda 30 (silver sponsor)
Pfizer 15 (bronze sponsor)

10:30-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:15 PART II: Chronic GvHD progress review (moderators H. Greinix (Austria), Z. Perić (Croatia))

12:15-13:30 LUNCH BREAK

13:30-14:45 PART III: CASE-BASED EDUCATIONAL TOPICS for Hematology Fellows and young Hematologists
(moderators E. Bilić (Croatia), D. Wolff (Germany), J. Halter (Switzerland), N. Duraković (Croatia))

14:45-15:00 COFFE BREAK


15:00-15:30 Patients advocacy – what matters from the patients’ view?
M. Cowden (USA) and H. Schoemans (Belgium)

15:30-17:00 PART V: FUTURE PROJECTS (panelists: H. Greinix (Austria), D. Wolff (Germany), H. Schoemans (Belgium), M. Grce (Croatia), D. Pulanić (Croatia), A. Olivieri (Italy), A. Lawitschka (Austria), R. Duarte (Spain), R. Vrhovac (Croatia), M. Mohty (France), S.Z. Pavletić (USA), K. Schultz (Canada), Anne Dickinson (USA))

15:30-15:45  B. Blazar (USA): Next steps in biology guided treatment of cGvHD
15:45-15:50  Discussion
15:50-16:05  K. Schultz (Canada): Global aspects of cGvHD
16:05-16:10  Discussion
16:10-16:25  Z. DeFilipp (USA): Novel structure for trials design
16:25-16:30  Discussion
16:30-16:45  M. Inngjerdingen (Norway): European grant options for cGvHD
16:45-16:50  Discussion

16:50-17:00  Discussion

Drazen Pulanić (Croatia), Steven Z. Pavletić (USA), Daniel Wolff (Germany), Kirk Schultz (Canada), Radovan Vrhovac (Croatia)






F. Ayuk (Germany)
A. Bergeron (France)
E. Bilić (Croatia)
B. Blazar (USA)
M. Cowden (USA)
Z. DeFilipp (USA)
L. Desnica (Croatia)
A. Dickinson (USA)
R. Duarte (Spain)
N .Duraković (Croatia)
M. Grce (Croatia)
H. Greinix (Austria)
J. Halter (Switzerland)
M.Inngjerdingen (Norway)
A. Lawitschka (Austria)
M. Mohty (France)
A. Olivieri (Italy)
S. Z. Pavletić (USA)
O. Penack (Germany)
Z. Perić (Croatia)
D. Pulanić (Croatia)
A. Rambi G. Cardones
S. Sarantopoulos (USA)
H. Schoemans (Belgium)
K. Schultz (Canada)
R. Serventi Seiwerth (Croatia)
R. Vrhovac (Croatia)
K. Williams (USA)
D. Wolff (Germany)
R. Zeiser (Germany)



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ABSTRACTS</font size></font color>


Herby we invite fellows/people in training who would like to present an oral presentation in the PART II: cGvHD Progress Review to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee. Presentations might be regarding papers on cGvHD published since 2018 that they are authors/co-authors and also regarding new work on cGvHD topic.

The abstracts should be submitted in English. The Scientific Committee will determine whether the abstract will be accepted for an oral presentation. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission to the Congress agency, and of all communications thereafter.


In case co-authors are from different institutions, please enter a number after co-author's first name initial that matches the number of the institution. Example: Co-authors: 1 Smith J, 2 Tomic L

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- abstract should be written in English
- abstract length: up to 250 words
- the last name and first name of the author to be capitalized
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- 5 keywords
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- original abstracts will not be edited - linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the author

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